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Welcome to the Official Destiny 2 USloft. Destiny 2: Beyond Light. ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Language, and Violence. Developed and published by Bungie.

  1. Yunas Alblushi

    Yunas Alblushi11 hours ago

    This is shawhans noobi guardians that navota kills in new light campaign lol now we know why

  2. Yunas Alblushi

    Yunas Alblushi11 hours ago

    Who would have guessed the name "oryx" be a big one in the future while watching this reveal

  3. Evedoeswarcrimes

    Evedoeswarcrimes13 hours ago

    More live action trailers or.. Uh Im gonna use a shotgun in crucible

  4. Alex Animation

    Alex Animation13 hours ago

    "Rise up as one, march towrds the sun" -Lakshmi "Racist AF" 2

  5. Dansta the Vikingman

    Dansta the Vikingman13 hours ago

    Do you know who Joe is? Who is Joe? Joe Staten.

  6. Mr. WB

    Mr. WB13 hours ago

    May i request someone make this into a lo-fi or something like a melody. Thanks ( definitely not savatun agent)

  7. S P

    S P13 hours ago

    Я бы назвал его бы так: Убийца Падших или же Fallen Slayer (если вы понимаете отсылку).

  8. k

    k14 hours ago

    Ah yes warlock with a hunter knife

  9. Titan Boi

    Titan Boi15 hours ago

    Today marks the 6 Year Anniversary of this being sent out to us!

  10. Titan Boi

    Titan Boi15 hours ago

    Has it already been 3 years?

  11. Finley

    Finley16 hours ago

    This, deep stone lullaby, and journey. Those are the three peaks of destiny OSTs. There are a plethora of other beautiful, moving, epic and amazing songs in destiny, but those three will still stand head and shoulders above them.

  12. Ever Aguilera

    Ever Aguilera16 hours ago

    I would play this game from 11am until 4 or 5 am for the first 12 months when it can out loved it.

  13. John Ritchie

    John Ritchie16 hours ago


  14. SkenyPlays

    SkenyPlays16 hours ago

    its ok to cry for the old good days.... its ok

  15. Saint- 14

    Saint- 1417 hours ago

    I'll remember Destiny forever specially for the greatest soundtracks. Thanks Destiny to exist specifically year 1, 2 and 3

  16. Eliot Hoffman

    Eliot Hoffman17 hours ago

    This season is so amazing 😍 <3

  17. Riley Gallagher

    Riley Gallagher17 hours ago

    If I didn’t know this was an early build of the game, I would’ve thought this was the most cursed thing ever

  18. Josiah Davis

    Josiah Davis18 hours ago

    The minute I heard this song after I got my pre order bonuses, I knew we had something truly special on our hands.

  19. David Bollow

    David Bollow18 hours ago

    Alte scheisse neu verkaufen 🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. Storm Trancer

    Storm Trancer19 hours ago

    Utamaru made a great cover for this

  21. Tilted Halo

    Tilted Halo19 hours ago

    I had to laugh at this to keep from crying.... and it still didn’t work, now I’m laughing AND crying.

  22. MinuteManKamina

    MinuteManKamina21 hour ago

    >Vision of confluence >pulse rifle?

  23. somebody

    somebody21 hour ago

    After so many years it's weird hearing the original voice for the ghost

  24. JUZZAP M

    JUZZAP M22 hours ago

    As a hardcore D2 player who never got to experience D1 in it's prime this is a magical video...

  25. Brendan Bush

    Brendan Bush22 hours ago

    5:50 **throws a grenade and misses literally everything** ah good old destiny

  26. Alex Guglielmo

    Alex Guglielmo22 hours ago

    *When this happened* Titans: OUR THUNDERCRASHES WILL BLOT OUT THE SUN

  27. AUtigers4ever

    AUtigers4ever22 hours ago

    Deep Stone Crypt will be hard to top by Bungie. The score, the mechanics, everything was perfect.

  28. Tj Askew

    Tj Askew22 hours ago

    Yeahh um I still get goosebumps when Ikora did her threat speech and lit up a legion Ship with a Nova Bomb and hopped on top of it like a G😰🔥🔥👀.. Everyone gangster until Ikora’s pissed off😂😂

  29. RV0

    RV022 hours ago


  30. Daniel Alberto Becerra

    Daniel Alberto Becerra22 hours ago

    Why i still receive this??

  31. Ninjatime3

    Ninjatime323 hours ago

    Did anyone realise that oryx is ligit teased in this trailer

  32. Haakon

    HaakonDay ago

    These are the same guardians that fell during the vault of glass

  33. Wither

    WitherDay ago

    got to love how in on the memes bungie is.

  34. Shi

    ShiDay ago

    i wish i had this level of immersion while playing vidya games

  35. Ian Xanthar

    Ian XantharDay ago

    Rip Dinklebot 2021

  36. the Mothman

    the MothmanDay ago

    Lofi Hip Hop Beats to raid the Vault of Glass to

  37. Buzzard

    BuzzardDay ago

    18:20 Well well well

  38. _SargentoCoelho _

    _SargentoCoelho _Day ago

    3:42 His voice caught me so off guard so hard might as well call it a hit n run

  39. TheCrow

    TheCrowDay ago

    Sometimes I hate destiny, sometimes I absolutely love destiny, this is one of those times

  40. Tyrex Deret

    Tyrex DeretDay ago

    Legend says the warlock in this trailer is still a blueberry.

  41. The Public Potato

    The Public PotatoDay ago

    I’m pretty sure they just hired a random guy form the street who never played a game in his life

  42. Agha Abiyasa

    Agha AbiyasaDay ago

    Is this takehito koyasu?

  43. Kulesz

    KuleszDay ago

    Cayde is better at expressing human emotions than humans.

  44. Octolia

    OctoliaDay ago

    the shittiest gameplay of all time

  45. GiraffieBoi

    GiraffieBoiDay ago

    The dislikes are from the people who didn't complete the jumping puzzle XD

  46. Sir Crimson Wolf

    Sir Crimson WolfDay ago

    Seven years ago even though I’m in my 20s I’m starting to feel pretty old

  47. CAPT_Crunchee

    CAPT_CruncheeDay ago

    I love how the first thing you hear is the darkness theme, blaring loudly, front and center. When we first hear the theme, it was obvious, but brief, and the Black Fleet was still unknown to humanity. The darkness is not hidden anymore. The veil has been lifted, and it now stands in Sol, completely in the open.

  48. voidzero_null

    voidzero_nullDay ago

    "Hey, its not my song, its Eris's"

  49. Sound Skelton

    Sound SkeltonDay ago

    where is the Guardian down version? (also amazing soundtrack!!!)

  50. ForrestTheBoar

    ForrestTheBoarDay ago

    The music in these games has consistently been on point. Hopefully the Beyond Light expansion OST gets put up on Spotify, including the Season of The Splicer tracks

  51. Relentless Hunter

    Relentless HunterDay ago

    3 years later and this is still one of the best DLCs in Destiny's history

  52. humandxp

    humandxpDay ago

    no darla i was coming, finish the fight! oh sorry thats different game with masculine hero

  53. humandxp

    humandxpDay ago

    damn local caffeteria run out of soy latte that day

  54. Davids Random stuff

    Davids Random stuffDay ago

    I'm from the future

  55. Cody Kirk

    Cody KirkDay ago

    Any new players enjoy watching these old videos as much as me?

  56. Pandoru

    PandoruDay ago

    i don't think it was a coincidence that this got put in my recommendations....

  57. xX-UwU-Xx

    xX-UwU-XxDay ago

    Ayo this shit poppin

  58. Giffy_Mcgee

    Giffy_McgeeDay ago

    Yknow bungie, this atmosphere would be great for that long range crucible map people have been asking for.

  59. morgan priest

    morgan priestDay ago

    This season confirms my suspicions that the vex like synthwave

  60. Joshua Kobayashi

    Joshua KobayashiDay ago

    Coming here after watching the new sea of thieves trailer. Forgive me cayde I’ll be out for a few months

  61. Artificial Ruby

    Artificial RubyDay ago

    The Vex having a party out here.

  62. Patsonical

    PatsonicalDay ago

    Ah yes, Bungie, the music company! Seriously tho, after hearing Athanasia and Deep Stone Lullaby I am convinced Beyond Light was just a $40 album with a free video game expansion attached

  63. Red Tob

    Red TobDay ago


  64. Carter Nichols

    Carter NicholsDay ago

    Should’ve been named ‘Beats to collapse the vex network to’

  65. subject_17

    subject_17Day ago

    I'm glad these fake ass gamer conversations are not trend in trailers anymore.

  66. Ryan Bailey

    Ryan BaileyDay ago

    Three years ago we lost a close friend and avenged his death. Never will that bird take his place in my memory.

  67. XiasIV

    XiasIVDay ago

    I miss him.

  68. Hawkz_Senpai

    Hawkz_SenpaiDay ago

    It was truly a lot of fun! I’ll never forget the memories!

  69. KingLigma 9404

    KingLigma 9404Day ago

    Why’d they change the song. Dont get me wrong, I like the new one but the old one was alot more hype.

  70. True_DMC

    True_DMCDay ago

    The track reminds me of the institute from fallout 4, even has similar sounds to the tracks that play while in the institute headquarters.

  71. Invader zim Zim

    Invader zim ZimDay ago

    Meanwhile the guardian is catching some sleep

  72. nick.galusha

    nick.galushaDay ago

    cayde-6 *dies* everyone disliked that.

  73. Karim Montealegre

    Karim MontealegreDay ago

    Hoy en día me desesperooooooooooooooo

  74. Hargreaves

    HargreavesDay ago

    Music of spheres: epic, beautiful music. D2 season of the splicer: beep beep boop

  75. Connor Bright

    Connor BrightDay ago

    YOoooooooo When your favorite game comes out with a music mix of your favorite genre of music

  76. Definition Of Anarchy

    Definition Of AnarchyDay ago

    I remember, after seeing this cutscene, I wasted no time, and fucking SPRINTED as fast as I could where the mission told me to, making sure the scorned along the way ALL died. I was pissed.

  77. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams2 days ago

    *Summons Bakengangsta*

  78. Wide Cayde-6

    Wide Cayde-62 days ago

    0:17 my final brain cells when I need to go to summer school

  79. Qualia clown

    Qualia clown2 days ago

    Why is this being recommended now?

  80. Lucas Harvey

    Lucas Harvey2 days ago

    I remember watching this a long time ago and rewinding it for the tenth time. I'm back after who knows how long and it's still hilarious.