Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer - "The Saint" Bedtime Story

Heroes and villains are all a matter of perspective. Mithrax tells the Eliksni bedtime story of the monster known as "The Saint".

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  1. Daniel Alberto Becerra

    Daniel Alberto Becerra23 hours ago

    Why i still receive this??

  2. PhNx_Tom

    PhNx_Tom2 days ago

    "Rip and Tear until it is done." Saint 14 is the Doom Slayer of Destiny

  3. That Guy You Know

    That Guy You Know2 days ago

    Reminds me of a saying: One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter.

  4. Incognito

    Incognito3 days ago

    Yes, my favourite bedtime story

  5. Adam Lawrence

    Adam Lawrence3 days ago

    such a dope cut scene

  6. Gh0st Gambino

    Gh0st Gambino4 days ago

    This very well may be the best Destiny cut scene in the franchise.

  7. Mr Hat

    Mr Hat5 days ago

    The doom slayer

  8. Ricardo Castro

    Ricardo Castro5 days ago

    Says it tore every house like it was nothing Til the "guardian" came and tore thru him like he was nothing lol

  9. Ash LivinLife

    Ash LivinLife5 days ago

    I love these paint cutscenes, they are so cool!

  10. funkyXII

    funkyXII5 days ago

    The worldbuilding This season has been on point well done bungie

  11. احمد الدوسي

    احمد الدوسي6 days ago

    “It could die, but it would not stay dead”

  12. Hartzilla2007

    Hartzilla20077 days ago

    Eda-1: Finally people who get me.


    JAXESIMUS PRIME8 days ago

    Wait this was a BEDTIME STORY!?

  14. Austin Triebe

    Austin Triebe8 days ago

    1:50 Bungie PLEASE MAKE THIS AN ORNAMENT for Saint’s helmet! It can be called something like kellbreaker, kellslayer, house breaker, the monster, etc.

  15. Austin Triebe

    Austin Triebe8 days ago

    No matter how great or heroic you may seem, you are always the villain in someone else’s story.

  16. LemonOS

    LemonOS8 days ago

    "Bedtime Story" can't wait to have nightmares

  17. BlackDrqgon

    BlackDrqgon8 days ago

    What a relaxing bedtime story!

  18. Mahir Abdulla

    Mahir Abdulla8 days ago

    “It could die but it would not stay dead” my favourite line in this story

  19. Calvin Coates

    Calvin Coates6 days ago

    I get the image of some lucky Captain or hell even a Dreg getting a hit on Saint that kills him, then maybe a few hours or days pass and then the same Fallen see Saint walking to them. That would probably paralyze them with fear alone

  20. Dovahfruit

    Dovahfruit8 days ago

    the official name for this cutscene is absolutely amazing

  21. River

    River8 days ago

    This cutscene made me second guess our actions in Season of Dawn...

  22. Mori Gaming

    Mori Gaming9 days ago

    Bedtime story?

  23. J H

    J H9 days ago

    Ah yes, the perfect bedtime story...

  24. Doone

    Doone9 days ago


  25. Muhammad Herjuno

    Muhammad Herjuno9 days ago

    Everyone here know the ost name plz tell me

  26. Jack Currie

    Jack Currie9 days ago

    Can I just say, I love the art style for these different cutscenes

  27. Behzad Mir Mozaffari

    Behzad Mir Mozaffari9 days ago

    I mean he's called the Kel Crusher so this was not really a surprise!

  28. Dick Francesco

    Dick Francesco9 days ago

    Moments like this are the reason I can't bring myself to kill the Eliksni anymore. Not even house salvation. I always try my best to avoid fighting them or just let them run away, because I don't want to be like the guardians in the lore who kill them without mercy.

  29. Metaphysicist

    Metaphysicist9 days ago

    I kill them without remorse, the remaining Housed of Eliksni are hostile and as long as they remain such they are to be fought and killed.

  30. Alex Miller

    Alex Miller9 days ago

    Like honestly, this cutscene and some of the lore (particularly that of the Survivor’s Epitaph) is just a tremendous representation of the horrors of war. Where one side sees a hero, the other sees a monster. Both Humanity and Eliksni have been locked in brutal conflict for centuries. Both sides have committed horrible atrocities in the name of victory, deterrence, and vengeance. No one’s hands are clean. Not Saint’s. Not Mithrax’s. Not even ours. This storyline deserves a fucking award. Not since ATLA has a story done such a good job of depicting war. Beautifully done. (Also, I just want to bring attention to the use of black and white in that cutscene. Saint is a warrior and hero of the Light, yet to the Eliksni he was a dark, monstrous figure. He was the only black figure in the scene too, showcasing him as the monster. Even his Ward of Dawn was still white, I believe representing the Eliksni’s continued faith and reverence for the Traveler and it’s power. They still viewed the Light as sacred, even though it was being used to destroy them. I love clever use of images, colors, etc to subtly drive a narrative point)

  31. Han Yolo

    Han Yolo9 days ago

    But why is there vines coming out of him, like the guy on the glykon

  32. Ippolit Dzhondzhua

    Ippolit Dzhondzhua10 days ago

    This "monster" just tried to follow our example - killing thousands of fallen just for loot/glimmer/catalyst progress/fun.

  33. Zero Todona

    Zero Todona10 days ago

    Saint is a hero for doing this. For making them pay blood for blood.

  34. Equinox {BPD ftw}

    Equinox {BPD ftw}10 days ago

    ^ Same guy who died from Vex btw

  35. Inverted Polarity

    Inverted Polarity10 days ago

    Ah, yes. In D1, Bungie built up Saint-14 as a great hero. Here comes D2 and of course Bungie changes Saint-14 into a monster. Can't have any strong heroes anymore unless it is some woke, snowflake. Get out of here with this trash.

  36. Metaphysicist

    Metaphysicist9 days ago

    One man's hero is another's monster.

  37. Naamloos

    Naamloos10 days ago

    Bungie! Hear me out! Let Destiny players design own Armor sets and let the top 3 for all 3 classes be set in game.

  38. Sornlegion

    Sornlegion10 days ago


  39. Yellow Man

    Yellow Man10 days ago

    the captions are broken I think.

  40. CBandit

    CBandit10 days ago

    Saint 14: I'd did it to protect my people, in dark times when humanity was losing hope. I killed hundreds of thousands so the children of the city can grow without fear of monsters. Guardian: I slaughtered millions of fallen because new exotic go brrrrr...

  41. Kevin Wegener

    Kevin Wegener10 days ago

    Saint 14 a Monster that was one of the best Cutscenes

  42. Александр Пушкин

    Александр Пушкин10 days ago

    Saint 14 just kept walking forward, until his enemies were destroyed.

  43. Eru Daaku

    Eru Daaku9 days ago

    and as a result, the rumbling was given to the eliksni.

  44. Insert Name

    Insert Name10 days ago

    dang, both sides suck huh?

  45. Reborn666skull

    Reborn666skull10 days ago

    For ultimate fun turn the automatic korean subtitles on and translate them to English xD

  46. Reborn666skull

    Reborn666skull10 days ago

    Mithrax: *speaking Fallen language* USloft: Subtitles? I think Korean.

  47. Rob G

    Rob G10 days ago

    Maybe it foreshadowing later event that get Saint killed off.

  48. Jamie Harper

    Jamie Harper10 days ago

    Bungee please allow bubble Titans to drag opponents into their bubble plz

  49. Reborn666skull

    Reborn666skull10 days ago

    The bubble itself should suck in the enemy players around xD

  50. Bruh Momentum

    Bruh Momentum10 days ago

    "Of all the evil Riis can conjure. Of all the wickedness the Vex can produce. We shall send unto them... Only You... Rip and tear, until it is done." -The Speaker to Saint-14

  51. Hartzilla2007

    Hartzilla20077 days ago

    Weirdest father son pep talk.

  52. C I A

    C I A10 days ago

    Light intensifies

  53. crithon

    crithon10 days ago

    Now, to be fair.... Fallen melee attacks don't do much damage, ie: trying to wipe on Security room on Deep Stone Crypt.

  54. C H E V Y Y 9

    C H E V Y Y 910 days ago

    & after doing all this super badass killing and name taking, he spoons Osiris in bed ;)

  55. diego torres

    diego torres10 days ago

    El Santo!!!

  56. Siphonic Storm 71

    Siphonic Storm 7110 days ago

    Saint-14 is basically the Goblin Slayer of Destiny. But seeing this and hearing of all this, it makes me feel bad for the Fallen. Because to the City, my Guardian is a hero, but to them, I'm some kind of monster.

  57. Levi Smith

    Levi Smith10 days ago

    Punch and Headbutt, until it is done.

  58. Aesir

    Aesir10 days ago

    That was amazing. Please bungie more cutscenes like this!

  59. Mike Willis

    Mike Willis10 days ago

    Saint 14 is a baby killer confirmed

  60. Russell Siavoshi

    Russell Siavoshi10 days ago

    Bed time story ok this is scary for a baby just saying

  61. seanye barry

    seanye barry10 days ago

    that's literally just the gardian before mithrax

  62. Lando P

    Lando P10 days ago

    Saint 14 like me fr fr

  63. Nikore Ferelden

    Nikore Ferelden10 days ago

    The super soldier is called a demon by an enemy alien race and people acting like it's the best thing ever. Ya know Bungie made a whole game franchise on this concept right? No? This isn't really some extraordinary telling. I know I'm great at parties and love pissing on peoples parades.

  64. Huntsman 76

    Huntsman 7610 days ago

    They aren't super soldiers, and they never called him a demon. Secondly Destiny is far superior to Halo

  65. yung DogRaptor

    yung DogRaptor11 days ago

    titan supremacy

  66. UltraViolet

    UltraViolet11 days ago

    *The only thing they fear is you*

  67. Troller Zocker

    Troller Zocker11 days ago

    They call him: The doom slayer

  68. legendi chan

    legendi chan11 days ago

    Mithrax: Let me tell you something about monsters


    REPHLEX11 days ago

    Nobody cares

  70. Sir Crimson Wolf

    Sir Crimson Wolf11 days ago

    This doesn’t so much seem like a bedtime story but more or less a story to tell each other over a bonfire to try to psych each other out or horrify them as well as worn them to never get on a guardians bad side because we are practically their equivalent to the devil or worse.

  71. Joseph Madina

    Joseph Madina11 days ago

    We already saw this stop uploading the same shit

  72. Pezmeisterhero

    Pezmeisterhero11 days ago

    This is pretty poggers

  73. Kshitij Kanaujia

    Kshitij Kanaujia11 days ago

    "It called itself.... *The Saint* " You can hear in mithrax's voice how ironic the name "Saint" is from the eliksnis' perspective.

  74. thundering dumbass

    thundering dumbass5 days ago

    @Devil Jin jokes are meant to be funny though

  75. Devil Jin

    Devil Jin8 days ago

    Holy shit it was a joke guy wtf

  76. _DeadX XSilence_

    _DeadX XSilence_8 days ago

    @Devil Jin No Saint identifies as a "he"

  77. A Guy

    A Guy10 days ago

    @Devil Jin You guys have one joke huh?

  78. The Hoodagames

    The Hoodagames10 days ago

    @Devil Jin no gender politics and sains a guy even all the other characters say so like amanda

  79. JaleBait

    JaleBait11 days ago

    this season might be my favourite in terms of actual storytelling in the destiny franchise

  80. Espio

    Espio11 days ago

    Remember when people used to make fun of Destiny for having no story? How far we've come.


    NAME NAME10 hours ago

    @Noah Haas yeah and that makes every aspect of the game interesting

  82. Noah Haas

    Noah Haas11 hours ago

    @NAME NAME that's true, there is story given even in weapon names and descriptions, location names, enemy titles, details in the environment, etc.


    NAME NAME7 days ago

    @Zero Todona sol campaign wouldt work. The beauty of destiny's story is that it is in everything. Not just in a solo campaign.

  84. Metaphysicist

    Metaphysicist9 days ago

    @Zero Todona Destiny's true depth is in the lore and side story bits. As is all the darkness.

  85. Cavan Cheong

    Cavan Cheong10 days ago

    @Zero Todona That would make the story more deeper, that's true. But I prefer it this way, as it makes it more immersive, and makes the world feel alive, like we're progressing with it rather than having an end and living out a finished story.

  86. Draec

    Draec11 days ago

    The Fallen fucked around and found out.

  87. Bill Wong

    Bill Wong11 days ago

    Endless starless night

  88. Samurai Prod.

    Samurai Prod.11 days ago

    why did i come across this video while in bed, its literally also called a bedtime story

  89. Master Yasuke

    Master Yasuke11 days ago

    The sad thing is that everyone just immediately assumes that all Fallen are bad. You guys are under the impression that there is such a thing as good vs evil in Destiny. Here is a big old history lesson for the lore. Guardians were WAY worse than the Fallen were before the Last City came about. While you are talking about the Fallen deserving Saint's wrath, what about those like Warlord Shaxx and Lord Saladin? Fallen were just like us before their Collapse, they are doing whatever they can to survive. We did the same thing but one upped the Fallen by killing our own, sacrificing our own, and subjugation our own. Even brought our own battles that killed our own. Is Saint justified in his actions against the Fallen? Sure, but is he fine with no judgment on his deeds to killing Fallen indiscriminately? No. See Saint died and we brought him back, I can see that something bad will happen to him before the end since we messed with time. Especially when we brought him back during a dangerous time. Everything is no longer white and black anymore, we cannot defeat the pyramid ships alone. I don't even know if we can or at least push them out of our system. Even so, we are with others who were in the same position as us. Either we unite or we die, it isn't easy to look past dark deeds. But we should remind ourselves that we play the game without thinking about who we are killing. And if they are like Mithraxx, considering that he and the Eliksni that he guided were afraid of us just for following them. Remember they fear us, we've already been humbled once by Ghaul. Don't let that power go to your head.

  90. Master Yasuke

    Master Yasuke10 days ago

    @Islam Alzamareeh The truth is whatever we make of it, what others fail to see are other perspectives and the similarities between us and the other survivors who aren't human. You're welcome by the way and thanks for commenting

  91. Islam Alzamareeh

    Islam Alzamareeh10 days ago

    @Master Yasuke Because you realize the truth most people fail to see, and thx

  92. Master Yasuke

    Master Yasuke10 days ago

    @Islam Alzamareeh Why is that? And nice profile pick

  93. Islam Alzamareeh

    Islam Alzamareeh10 days ago

    You deserve an exclusive title under your name called “Truthseeker”

  94. Ricardo Flores

    Ricardo Flores11 days ago

    ¿No avía en español?

  95. Mark De Siato

    Mark De Siato11 days ago

    Wait a minute… Unstoppable force who kills by the thousands, named after a holy savior, loves guns… OMG, SAINT-14 IS JOHNNY GAT!!! … AHH! THE ACURSED ONE HAS RETURNED!!!

  96. FragileEnder

    FragileEnder11 days ago

    Saint-14 did nothing wrong. The fallen came to our home and started pillaging and killing innocent people. Saint-14 is a hero!

  97. Nathan Hunt

    Nathan Hunt6 days ago

    @Metaphysicist You mistake revolution for genocide. What Saint (or any of the Guardians for that matter) did to the Eliksni cannot be compared to events during an uprising.

  98. Metaphysicist

    Metaphysicist6 days ago

    @Nathan Hunt It set Haiti free.

  99. Nathan Hunt

    Nathan Hunt6 days ago

    @Metaphysicist That is unequivocally incorrect.

  100. Metaphysicist

    Metaphysicist6 days ago

    @Nathan Hunt In extreme situations yes it is.

  101. Nathan Hunt

    Nathan Hunt8 days ago

    @Metaphysicist Killing those who are not actively participating in any sort of crime is never justified.

  102. Kyber

    Kyber11 days ago

    Love the style of the artwork in this!!

  103. NovaIsFine

    NovaIsFine11 days ago

    Saint=Doomslayer. Got it...

  104. champboysharks

    champboysharks11 days ago

    Where that witch queen trailer at

  105. John Michinock

    John Michinock11 days ago

    So Saint is basically the Doom Slayer for Elliskni.

  106. Conrad Murray

    Conrad Murray11 days ago


  107. Dom Olive

    Dom Olive11 days ago

    Absolutely love the story telling here, really would love to see some proper action-packed cinematics tho

  108. reynal_omnicide

    reynal_omnicide8 days ago

    We had that stasis powers scene with Drifter, Eris, and the Exo Stranger in Beyond Light.

  109. Something or other

    Something or other11 days ago

    Worst bedtime story ever.

  110. MNPWxXxGreenBeretDal

    MNPWxXxGreenBeretDal11 days ago

    That was bad &$$

  111. The One3

    The One311 days ago

    "When we pursued it" Let me translate that for you: when we tried to commit Mass genocide against your entire species and destroy your city you had the audacity to fight back how evil! how cruel!

  112. Nathan Hunt

    Nathan Hunt10 days ago

    @The One3 Had the Whirlwind occurred on Sol rather than on Riis, humanity would have done exactly what the Eliksni did. You can’t reason that “they could have done anything else” when they were starving, desperate, and hopeless. If they knew there was any chance that the Traveler could take them back, they would do anything to get it - including violence.

  113. Nathan Hunt

    Nathan Hunt10 days ago

    @The One3 The “we” Misraaks was referring to were the Eliksni who pursued the Traveler to Sol, some of which never even set foot on Earth and thus did not partake in the atrocities committed during the Dark Age. Misraaks himself served the Awoken against the houses of Wolves and Devils. With all this in mind, what’s actually disingenuous is making it seem as though Misraaks and the rest of the Eliksni race were all either complicit or active in the Dark Age conflicts.

  114. The One3

    The One310 days ago

    @Islam Alzamareeh the warlords terrorized humanity more than the fallen? Yeah no the Battle of Twilight Gap alone....

  115. The One3

    The One310 days ago

    @Islam Alzamareeh okay no you just can't do this. Didn't have to attack the city they could have done literally anything else. They could have I don't know said "hey guys could we stay here? we could help you out our people had a terrible event just like yours did and we should work together" Instead of you know Mass attempt at genocide on multiple occasions, you can't just brush that aside we're talking about the genocide of a species. a species that is already in danger. And your other point "of course they're going to commit Mass genocide to get what they think is theirs" Was that an actual point or like a self-aware joke? you realize how horrific that is right? I'm not saying it's bad writing it's not it's good motivation.... For villains

  116. The One3

    The One310 days ago

    @Nathan Hunt did I do that? No, I just pointed out the disingenuousness of this.

  117. Randy Lee

    Randy Lee11 days ago

    I mean Im pretty sure ive slaughtered way more fallen then saint d1 I killed 516,329 in d2 I've killed 697,812.....1,214,131 total.......


    MRHOLLOW11 days ago

    He did nothing wrong

  119. fl00dgottarun

    fl00dgottarun11 days ago

    I like how the story in game is dipping it's toes into these other's perspectives. Love this dark view.

  120. Jacob Benken

    Jacob Benken11 days ago

    Massive cope from coperax

  121. Caíque Pacha

    Caíque Pacha12 days ago

    So in the eyes of the eliksni Saint is essentially a war crime with legs


    DEEDS_NOT__WORDS12 days ago

    Best cutscene ever, great work on this


    DEEDS_NOT__WORDS11 days ago

    @Dazambie I enjoyed those, but this cutscene gave me the thrill and chills that no other cutscenes have ever provided in Destiny history.

  124. Dazambie

    Dazambie11 days ago

    What about taken king cutscenes?

  125. Nugget Stew

    Nugget Stew12 days ago

    rewatching this here because bungie cant put out a fuckin cutscene thats 60fps or higher

  126. Bertram

    Bertram12 days ago

    The story those latest 3 seasons is just crazy in a good way.

  127. DiggyDwarf 2002

    DiggyDwarf 200212 days ago

    Imagine the Awoken hearing the message from Mithrax

  128. Samuel Martens

    Samuel Martens12 days ago

    I thought the whirlwind came after the traveler left

  129. Robert TheRonin

    Robert TheRonin9 days ago

    @Izanagi's Burden No, he was the Whirlwind. This is literally confirmed lore, check out Byf if you don't believe me.

  130. Izanagi's Burden

    Izanagi's Burden10 days ago

    @Robert TheRonin no oryx was not part of whirlwind.. he killed any survivors left there after the whirlwind

  131. Robert TheRonin

    Robert TheRonin11 days ago

    As it left. It left because of it. And the Whirwind was Oryx and the Pyramids.

  132. AdrianC_294

    AdrianC_29412 days ago

    Yes Saint was a nightmare to the Fallen only because THEY invaded our System. THEY attacked first and we always defended ourselves. I get what they are trying to do but I hope we see more of coming to terms of what each side did. Cause so far its "Human bad, wittle baby fwallen gud"🥺👉👈

  133. thatdudeEd54

    thatdudeEd5412 days ago

    For those d1 elitist who keep saying D2 has no story


    HAT3R GAMING12 days ago

    This is how the Eliksni get their children to sleep in their bed all night.

  135. Lizzie L

    Lizzie L12 days ago

    It's scary to think that not only would you be blinded in his bubble, but he also get 35% stronger

  136. C I A

    C I A10 days ago

    Or the armour buff

  137. CptGhostNOVA

    CptGhostNOVA10 days ago

    Don’t forget about the overshield

  138. Royal Entry

    Royal Entry12 days ago

    Sweet dreams, smallen.

  139. Kerdej Hercuń

    Kerdej Hercuń12 days ago

    Ah yes, my favorite bed time story

  140. mmmosh

    mmmosh12 days ago