Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer - Vault of Glass Trailer

Stored away, deep in the Vault of Glass on Venus is Atheon, Time's Conflux. No one knows what this Vex is. Guardians must access the Vault, navigate the fractures in space and time, and terminate Atheon before it can become an unstoppable threat.

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Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.


  1. zyiho忍

    zyiho忍12 days ago

    Bungie really ran out of ideas, just go play d1 its way better xD

  2. The Deluxe Snowman

    The Deluxe Snowman13 days ago

    We NEED new gambit and crucible maps please

  3. Tard Wrangler

    Tard Wrangler13 days ago

    Fantastic raid. Loved it

  4. Tornado Bolt

    Tornado Bolt18 days ago

    Sweet, a returning headache. At least I won't have to worry about that, I'm too low light for the raid and I've no one to do it with anyway.

  5. Tard Wrangler

    Tard Wrangler12 days ago

    @Chris Vennard you should try. I was just like you, still am, but recently started doing raids. They're fun but most importantly you get some of the best loot in the game

  6. Tard Wrangler

    Tard Wrangler13 days ago

    @Chris Vennard you can find communities like d2 sanctuary on discord that can help you out

  7. Tard Wrangler

    Tard Wrangler13 days ago

    @Chris Vennard that's what dungeons are

  8. Tornado Bolt

    Tornado Bolt14 days ago

    @Chris Vennard oh definitely agree with you on that, burnout can be a problem sometimes but otherwise it's usually always a good time, I don't watch much besides the odd datto video from time to time

  9. Tornado Bolt

    Tornado Bolt14 days ago

    @Chris Vennard damn that's rough, I'm sorry you never got chance to do any, I've done them all but it's rarely ever been a good time, I'm not a fan of lfg and most runs is just hours wasted and drags on into the early hours.

  10. Jake Whelan

    Jake Whelan18 days ago

    Been there done that

  11. Qbxy

    Qbxy18 days ago

    bring the entire venus it’s such a awesome location

  12. Qbxy

    Qbxy14 days ago

    @Chris Vennard Venus is better I think that’s what it is now

  13. Steven.

    Steven.18 days ago

    oh wow this looks cool cant wait untill its removed from the game before i even get back to playing the game again

  14. [Req] Trifecta

    [Req] Trifecta18 days ago

    Dang, so the survivors of The Vault werent enough in the first timeline. I guess its time to kill him again in another timeline and lets hope this time, Aetheon stays dead.

  15. Amana Wolf

    Amana Wolf18 days ago

    Love to do Last Wish raid, Garden of Salvation, Deep Stone Crypt, and Vault of Glass. However, I've just given up hope. Heck, I started playing D2 around Warmind DLC and haven't done a single raid. So, nice video but, nope.

  16. Nuka Cola

    Nuka Cola19 days ago

    Dead game ( meme)

  17. Tim Sands

    Tim Sands19 days ago

    Boycott destiny 2 blacklivesdontmatter was un fairly banned when will WHITE LIVES MATTER ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  18. Pizamo Gaming

    Pizamo Gaming19 days ago

    Time to kill Atheon again 😈

  19. Simon Jack

    Simon Jack19 days ago

    This is what I don't like about returning D1 content. Dont get me wrong I don't mind old stuff to return, but if it returns with nothing new no new mechanics all the same stuff it's just cut and paste... Bungie making the raid slightly harder with more enemies and more of a challenge does not count as making something new in terms of returning content. They could have made this change in Destiny one when the raids were updated to 390 light.. Most importantly people who purchase Destiny 2 they purchase a sequel they didn't purchase a game that's just going to cut and paste content from the previous title. If you want to play Destiny 1 content play Destiny 1. Look at Division II when they brought back New York in the expansion Warlords of New York, it wasn't the same area it opened up new areas. It offered new Rewards etc just think about it look how stupid the cosmodrome is people don't even go to unless they have to it's a waste of space . instead of them wasting that space they can make a new area... it would have been better if they made a new raid or they provided new areas within Vault of Glass with new bosses that we have never faced in D1 in the original raid When the return of Vault of Glass was first announced in the Stream for the future of Bungee back then I said this "it will only be acceptable if it offers new ways to complete the raid, new locations and new Rewards." Cut and paste from the previous game is lazy.. people want new content! I still stick to what I said back then! People who think that this kind of content design is acceptable they better understand if bungee think this kind of behavior is okay for content-wise of how to produce content we are never going to see anything new in the game everything is always going to be recycled and reused or just crap that we have seen hundred of times. Bungie should learn from their mistakes not embrace it. Move forward not backwards just like what pop said on the show Luke Cage. Also think about Ubisoft Assassin's Creed Valhalla first expansion the poison build armor is basically the same armor you can buy with real money from the Helix store just with a different color. I feel like sooner or later that's how the content in Destiny the franchise will be it's going to be the same content but with a different color. Example in the witch-queen expansion we probably won't even get a new raid will probably get a raid that closely resembles Kings fall.. I know people are going to disagree people are going to threat me people are going to cause drama. However you can't ignore the facts for the last four to five years and nothing has really changed with the franchise in terms of content. All they did was made raids harder and added the darkness etc. This is why now I truly believe now that I wish Destiny 2 was a complete reset from Destiny 1 as a separate game. Edit: on USloft somebody else thought I was talking about subclasses in terms of content which is honestly it's beyond stupid because content is not in the category of subclasses lol

  20. Tard Wrangler

    Tard Wrangler13 days ago

    They changed the mechanics though

  21. Monte Carlo

    Monte Carlo20 days ago

    Why didn’t they bring back age of triumph armor :(

  22. The Fourth Horseman

    The Fourth Horseman20 days ago

    Nobody: Bungie: what if we brought back a fun raid but make it not very fun.

  23. Tard Wrangler

    Tard Wrangler13 days ago

    Git gud

  24. hanns schwendener

    hanns schwendener20 days ago

    Where’s my gjallarhorn?!

  25. Evan Hoke

    Evan Hoke21 day ago

    Should have released the raid trailer BEFORE the raid dropped but excellent raid loved beating it Day 1 For Tempos Edge :D

  26. Chase Arp

    Chase Arp21 day ago

    “This day one gonna be so easy compared to DSC”. Cries after giving up at atheon challenge mode 15 hours later

  27. Jarod Sanders

    Jarod Sanders21 day ago

    11 hours of pain because people do not know how to call out oracles and take them out fast all worth it cause i got vex mytho on that exact run though so im happy just not happy with how dumb people can be.

  28. Death Boy

    Death Boy21 day ago

    More like Vault of disappointment How dare you take away my pulse rifle Bungo 😡

  29. Roses are red, but Zerglings still are purple

    Roses are red, but Zerglings still are purple21 day ago

    The Mythoclast is back?! YEEEESS!!

  30. sebi miller

    sebi miller21 day ago

    Kabr: My powers have doubled since the last time we met, Atheon. Atheon: Good. Twice the pride, double the fall. Now shoot those oracles in a correct order..

  31. RUSH

    RUSH21 day ago

    imagine reusing old content cuz you can’t come up with something new. not surprising at this point they’ve been doing it since destiny 1 🤣

  32. BachelorBanana

    BachelorBanana21 day ago

    Honestly I like how they changed the mechanics in the same raid we all knew and loved. If we had the same mechanics from destiny 1, everyone would’ve complained of it being too easy.

  33. TheaverageAussie

    TheaverageAussie21 day ago

    Lil bit late bungo

  34. Pitch

    Pitch21 day ago

    Wow, can't wait to reclaim the Vault of Glass this weekend!

  35. Coconut Butterflies

    Coconut Butterflies21 day ago

    I LOVE the game BTY I’m lv 10 with cool gear and dad is on lv 45-46

  36. Doomtrigger

    Doomtrigger21 day ago

    ... no ice breaker fuck this game too

  37. Nick Shutes

    Nick Shutes21 day ago

    Bring the iron banner ornaments back from seasons 2 and 3

  38. Tredinator

    Tredinator21 day ago

    Great job on the remake! It looks really clean and the new mechanics gave it a nice challange!.

  39. HoapiliakeAkuamanaloa Saigusa

    HoapiliakeAkuamanaloa Saigusa21 day ago

    Wud Kind of a weapon is that at 0:28 A shiled ? If so Shouldn't the Titan Be Holding that???

  40. IX Flipyap

    IX Flipyap21 day ago

    It’s the artifact any class can hold it and you don’t keep it

  41. Jumbo Jimbo

    Jumbo Jimbo21 day ago

    Got mythoclast on my third run 😎

  42. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts21 day ago

    Same lmao

  43. Ghost Doom

    Ghost Doom21 day ago

    Nice nostalgiabait

  44. James S

    James S21 day ago

    why they making a trailer for something that came out in 2014

  45. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts21 day ago

    Because they rereleased it?

  46. Tadeusz Fiolek

    Tadeusz Fiolek21 day ago

    Wish I still had interest in this game. Feel kinda invested since I’ve played it since 2013. Just so burned out on the endless grind and dry weeks of content. Every season is a hellish grind, repeating the very same activities, hearing the same dialogue and getting weapons and armor that don’t feel very unique or creative. VoG was fun way back but I feel like it won’t have the same nostalgic feel to it as it did back then.

  47. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts21 day ago

    Nice bait

  48. Roush429R

    Roush429R21 day ago

    Ahhh. The memories...

  49. Mariocat99

    Mariocat9921 day ago

    Man, day 1 was painful, highest I got to was templar. The day after that. Everything's been better. Heck. It took me a while to figure out the oracles on Atheon. As long as you have good coordination and such. Its pretty easy. And the only time I check if I join a ktwd group post. I usually find out what technique they use during that phase


    TITANVANGUARD21 day ago

    Don’t get me wrong I love the nostalgic feeling of the vault but I really wish they gave the player a reason to go back like something story wise. I don’t know maybe like rescuing a second time lost legend if ya catch my drift(Er).

  51. RobinvdTube

    RobinvdTube21 day ago

    THANKS Bungie for bringing Vault Of Glass back!!! 😘💟 Loving the new sexy weapons! 🎉😎😍

  52. Justin F

    Justin F21 day ago

    when the game is pay to win

  53. YinMajora

    YinMajora21 day ago

    Welcome back Atheon you glorious Vex sonofagun

  54. Shayan K.

    Shayan K.21 day ago

    Wait I need help, I spent 60 spoils on the templar’s loot cache you can get after beating atheon right but I didn’t get ANYTHING out of it for some reason, is this a glitch or am i missing something and wasted 60 spoils?

  55. Kevin Chiu Wang

    Kevin Chiu Wang21 day ago

    Like always, posting the video late

  56. Bepis Axe

    Bepis Axe21 day ago

    Imagine not having the raid done before the trailer came out

  57. GlutenFreeGamer

    GlutenFreeGamer21 day ago

    D1 players: Hey I’ve seen this one D2 players: What do you mean it’s brand new

  58. Dakota Addison

    Dakota Addison21 day ago

    Thank you bungie, very cool. I was one of the few that was able to grab a win on day 1, and then a win for challenge mode 20 minutes before reset!!!

  59. Gulasch Karauskí

    Gulasch Karauskí21 day ago

    Bungie seems to be light years ahad when it comes to recycling

  60. Hussein Al-Mashhadani

    Hussein Al-Mashhadani21 day ago

    17 hours & 35 minutes consecutively for an all black emblem🙄 like... How made the decision to make a raid emblem this stale? My day one COS is way better

  61. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts21 day ago

    @Hussein Al-Mashhadani Then that's your vault

  62. Hussein Al-Mashhadani

    Hussein Al-Mashhadani21 day ago

    @DarthEatsDonuts i do, i didn't know how the new vog emblem looked before i started the day 1 run

  63. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts21 day ago

    Then wear that one?

  64. 1SecondHero

    1SecondHero21 day ago

    bit late for this trailer eh?

  65. Connor Davison

    Connor Davison21 day ago

    "Enter as Guardian's" Me: Nah ima play as Spartans

  66. GotToGame

    GotToGame21 day ago

    It’s hard to find a team because everyone has kwtd when the thing came out literally two days ago

  67. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts21 day ago

    Yeah and? It’s not that hard to learn. There are heaps of guides on USloft to watch

  68. JRJH 1997

    JRJH 199721 day ago

    Destiny doing what it does best, reusing d1 content

  69. - The Sign Painter

    - The Sign Painter21 day ago


  70. Matt Martensen

    Matt Martensen21 day ago

    Was waiting to see what was in the raid rewards the sad part is they didn't use the other version of the raid amor that actually looks like it's form the raid and they are locking a emote and other things in the cash shop when in destiny 2 first raid you got the emote for free

  71. aNoodleConfiscator

    aNoodleConfiscator21 day ago

    Can we get Age of Triumphs armor variation, please? I just want those vex prostheses :(

  72. Khôi Lâm

    Khôi Lâm21 day ago

    Another Games: - Post the trailer. - Then run it. Bungie: - Reverse time.

  73. Lavender

    Lavender21 day ago

    The raid is greaaat! But maan.. the jacket is stupid expensive...:(

  74. Quantum

    Quantum21 day ago

    Anyone wanna help me on ps5 do the raid. I've never done it and I really want to. If u have spare time to help me in need drop your gt for ps4/ps5 now

  75. MrSudowudoprodutions

    MrSudowudoprodutions21 day ago

    After having played it I can say it is not as epic as the trailer makes it out to be.

  76. Valor Dogma

    Valor Dogma21 day ago

    Vault of found verdict more like it

  77. Spritemon 98

    Spritemon 9821 day ago

    But.. we've already gathered all the exclusive items and weapons from the raid

  78. Jordzo Olzen

    Jordzo Olzen21 day ago

    This trailer seems a little late bungie

  79. Jose Loeffler

    Jose Loeffler22 days ago

    I like destiny but I can't believe people are hyped for things that bungie has already done instead of us the consumer, getting real new content and not just a bunch of re skins or old stuff labeled as new 😭

  80. Ladislaus Kallig

    Ladislaus Kallig22 days ago

    I can watch trailer after I've completed a dayone. It's cute

  81. Thaumic Lad

    Thaumic Lad22 days ago

    For those of you that think Atheon is still dead, watch my lore video on how he is actually unkillable in his vault. The vault of glass is basically the polar opposite of an ascendant realm as he cannot die in it, but he can die permanently if he dies outside of the vault. Straight up not even self advertising... So basically you DID NOT kill atheon.

  82. Ben Parker

    Ben Parker22 days ago

    Insert "ReUsEd AsSeT MeAnS BaD CoNtEnT" comments of a raid which is free for all players and the D2 player who never did og VoG can experience it for the first time


    GHOSTWORTHY22 days ago

    The thing I want to know is why people are restricting it like d1 ghorn how you need to have clears your join them why tho that’s why raids aren’t fun people don’t want to help other I’m an OG and I see it all the time

  84. Prime Fire Gaming

    Prime Fire Gaming22 days ago

    Btw, vex mythoclast needs buffed. It’s not strong anywhere.

  85. No U

    No U22 days ago

    I already beat it 3 times

  86. james Kimball

    james Kimball22 days ago


  87. Neville

    Neville21 day ago


  88. james Kimball

    james Kimball22 days ago


  89. Nick G

    Nick G22 days ago

    so does Vex Mythoclast have bad luck prevention?

  90. AudiTheKid

    AudiTheKid22 days ago

    i officially finished VoG before this trailer dropped....

  91. Pockets Fox

    Pockets Fox22 days ago

    VoG Age of triumph ornaments better be coming in master mode they were too fire to give up

  92. Markus Saula

    Markus Saula22 days ago

    Well well not too late yet, we're still in the second week

  93. Halo Fan Sam

    Halo Fan Sam22 days ago

    More of the same reused content, Bro Bungie MAKE SOME NEW SHIT FOR ONCE GODDDDAMMN

  94. HyDrO

    HyDrO22 days ago

    if y’all add back kings fall i stg i’ll come back and never leave again.

  95. King Nelly Nel

    King Nelly Nel22 days ago

    Bring back the exotic ice breaker sniper rifle, that thing was always beast in D1

  96. dylan vanherweghe

    dylan vanherweghe22 days ago

    Guardians: We gonna annihilate Atheon because we're double so strong Atheon: aaaah twice the pride, double the fall.

  97. Nathbino

    Nathbino22 days ago

    Completed it mate!

  98. Informal Knight

    Informal Knight22 days ago

    Ah yes, 15 hours of anguish

  99. Miyane

    Miyane22 days ago

    the best part about the raid is the fact it has a 60fps cutscene

  100. KitsuNick

    KitsuNick22 days ago

    Rip me with nobody to play the raid with-

  101. j8hnb

    j8hnb22 days ago

    You guys seriously need to look at making destiny game more solo friendly i have started playing this game again with new season but already feel like quiting again nightfall match making is a start i want to be able to raid but i cant lfg should of been in game but nope.

  102. recep can

    recep can22 days ago

    Waiting for King's Fall...

  103. Cory

    Cory22 days ago

    Pvp maps.

  104. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose22 days ago

    Lets goo got 2 clears already and got vex first run, just waiting to do a catalyst run

  105. Colin Wells

    Colin Wells22 days ago

    I’m disappointed that they take years to re-release vault of glass and all the armor and weapons are the same, love the team but this is just sad.

  106. Bam bam Splinters

    Bam bam Splinters22 days ago

    It took em 9 months roughly they wetent planning a remaster from d1 when d1 launched like bruh what they didnt even want to make d2 either sooooo,

  107. Jacob Meeks

    Jacob Meeks22 days ago

    But can we get some pvp recognition!?

  108. AllocateTV

    AllocateTV22 days ago

    Aren’t you generally supposed to put out a trailer before the full thing is released?

  109. Felipe Rodrigues

    Felipe Rodrigues22 days ago


  110. Yolo Jeweetniet

    Yolo Jeweetniet22 days ago

    hey will we still get a secret mission for a weapon like the Presage and Harbinger mission?

  111. Bam bam Splinters

    Bam bam Splinters22 days ago

    Theres gonna be expunge

  112. Kzer 2019

    Kzer 201922 days ago

    Do I only have one chance per character, per week (total 3 chances per week) for the vex mythoclast to drop, or can I just run it on one character and hope it drops?

  113. Definite_Rage

    Definite_Rage22 days ago

    I was only 15 when I did vault of glass with friends took me 6 hours thank god I’ll be able to do it again

  114. TopHat Cat

    TopHat Cat22 days ago

    Destiny Community: Beats VoG on day 1 of release VoG Trailer: _So I took that personally_

  115. Anhilliator1

    Anhilliator122 days ago

    We tried on day 1 at around 10:30PM... BIG FUCKIN MISTAKE, TOOK US AN HOUR TO MAKE THE SPIRE. I NOW HAVE A PATHOLOGICAL HATRED OF SPIRES. Cleared it yestersay, though, so that's something. Got 3 Visions and a Fatebringer though.

  116. YOUNG STUNNA_227

    YOUNG STUNNA_22722 days ago

    Hey guys nobody wants to play with me doing the raid but if u guys can help me play I appreciate it 😎

  117. Fruity Priest

    Fruity Priest22 days ago

    day one vex mythoclast drop gang wya!!!!!

  118. Universal Cat

    Universal Cat22 days ago

    Some dude that releases trailers: Oops forgot to upload

  119. RocketRigby

    RocketRigby22 days ago

    Did y’all assign oracles numbers or call out positions in the room?

  120. Gwapman

    Gwapman22 days ago

    I hope the "Legend Tab" brings all of the D1 raids as seasonal updates, yes recycled content isnt the best but at least its content.. so we want another "battlegrounds" or do we want a classic raid back.

  121. Gwapman

    Gwapman21 day ago

    @Christopher Garland I really do hope so. So many people never got to experience amazing raids like KF and WoM , I mean they're legit Remastered raids, look at how nice VoG looked.

  122. Christopher Garland

    Christopher Garland21 day ago

    I get the feeling they're gonna bring back the old raids as mid-year raids, to tide the raid community over until the next expansion.